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Observer-Reporter - Downtown merchants want holiday shoppers to `think small` on Saturday (11/24/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Light-Up Nights (11/16/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - 50's Fest and Car cruise to be held Saturday in Waynesburg (9/8/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Raising the roof on a new bank building in Waynesburg (8/26/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Cherry Door now open for business in Waynesburg (8/23/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - No rain on Rain Day (8/5/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Rain Day in Waynesburg Herald Standard (8/3/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Waynesburg teen crowned 2016 Miss Rain Day Herald Standard (7/27/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - New Miss Rain Day crowned during pageant (7/25/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Cherry Door moves to High Street (7/25/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Bettors announced for 2016 Rain Day Hat Bet Herald Standard (7/22/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Miss Rain Day looks back at her reign (7/22/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Five young ladies to compete for 2016 Miss Rain Day crown (7/22/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Five contestants competing for Miss Rain Day crown (7/22/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Patching on High Street (7/11/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Seniors move into new Waynesburg facility (7/7/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Chalk one up to Tom (6/24/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Waynesburg’s small businesses to take center stage at open house (6/21/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Public open house to be held of Waynesburg's comprehensive plan (6/15/16)  
Observer-Reporter - Educational seminars coming to Waynesburg Farmers Market (5/16/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Have `ewe` seen me? (5/16/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Competition herds crowd for Sheep and Fiber Festival (5/11/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Start of Waynesburg Farmers Market delayed a week (5/10/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Gateway Senior Housing construction on schedule, projected to open in June (5/6/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Waynesburg's first ever `Trash Bash` set for Saturday (5/2/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Projects could boost Waynesburg's business district (4/10/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Greene County statues honor local, U.S. history (4/1/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Redevelopment authority begins work to restore historic Waynesburg building (3/30/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Merchants Guild's first Chili Cook-Off unites businesses (3/11/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Miss Rain Day welcomed as guest of Chamber meeting (3/11/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Miss Rain Day addresses Waynesburg Chamber of Commerce (3/10/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - A tight squeeze (3/10/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Greene County planning commission approves plans for new bank building (3/8/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Jefferson woman puts emphasis on American-made gifts at new Waynesburg shop (3/5/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Golden Ladle Winner (3/2/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Chili cook-off champion wins 'Golden Ladle' (3/1/2016)  
Greene County Messenger - Pennsylvania Automotive Association announces fox as board chairman (2/26/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Waynesburg merchants competing in Chili Cook-Off (2/26/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - First Federal to construct new building in downtown Waynesburg (2/2/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Merchants Guild wants to put downtown Waynesburg on the map (1/29/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Gateway Senior Housing in Waynesburg now accepting applications (1/21/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - Steelers rally to kick off 'Black and Gold Day' in Waynesburg (1/13/2016)  
Observer-Reporter - New comic book and gaming store opens in Waynesburg (1/13/2016)  


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