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The Economic Restructuring Committee is assigned the task of synthesizing a business recruitment and retention strategy that will insure the long-term economic viability of Waynesburg's historic downtown business district.

Following a thorough analysis of Waynesburg's census reports, the Economic Restructuring Committee will respond to the district's commercial requirements by:

•  Identifying diverse market opportunities.

• Stimulating creative ideas for usage of our historic commercial buildings.

• Bolstering investment opportunities through designated "enterprise" loans underwritten by local financial institutions.

• Aiding in the establishment of incremental ordinances that gradually improve the area's economic base.

Economic Restructuring Committee Members
have five major

• Developing a thorough understanding of the district's current economic condition thereby identifying opportunities for market growth.

• Strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones.

• Finding new economic uses for traditional Main Street buildings.

• Developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitation and business development.

• Monitoring economic performance of the district with an eye toward our prosperous future.

On August 13, 2010, Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful's Economic Restructuring Committee, in conjunction with the Waynesburg University Center for Research & Economic Development, hosted a Visual Merchandising Workshop with Rick Viglione, Western Region Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Downtown Center. Handouts included: Color Meaning, Visual Merchandising Audit Worksheet, and Visual Merchandising Checklist. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.

Market Memo: Attention downtown merchants! The Pennsylvania Downtown Center has provided some tips for customer service and telephone etiquette that you may find useful for your business. Click here to view the flyer. Feel free to print out and distribute to your employees!



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