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The Design Committee of Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful is endowed with the enormous responsibility of shaping the physical image of our main street. We will provide leadership in developing a visually pleasing atmosphere for the downtown that encourages uniform development and perpetual revitalization.

The key to success in shaping the aesthetic outlook of our future and our com

munity is dependent upon an enduring willingness of independent businesses, property owners, and civic leaders to undergird the philosophy inherent in the Main Street revitalization program. 

Utilizing design tools comprised of carrots and sticks, the committee will work to persuade independent businesses, property owners and civic leaders to ratify a specific approach for the restoration of their buildings.

Carrots will come in the form of Recommendations, Planning, Resources.

We will propose tactical use of color schemes and integrate facades, assist in the selection and placement of tastefully chosen signage, and provide matching grants to eligible businesses.

Likewise, sticks will emerge in the form of Ordinances, Zoning, Building codes.

They will be introduced as custodial measures designed to vigilantly protect and carefully preserve the integrity of our historic district. We will defend the bridge of time over which we have traveled and fortify the extraordinary span of history for which it stands, a sentinel prudently guarded, yet purposefully unencumbered.

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