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The concept of a renewed business district in Waynesburg dates back to the federal block grant programs of the 1970's. More recently, however business owners and others sought a comprehensive strategy and methods for the long-range restructuring of the downtown area. Under the leadership of local stakeholders and merchants, contact was made with the Pennsylvania Downtown Center and an early organization was assembled and a public meeting was conducted in the fall of 2000.

The Waynesburg Chamber of Commerce, along with representatives from Waynesburg College, assumed responsibility for the process and worked with consultants from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center and executives representing DCED. The Chamber of Commerce created a Downtown Revitalization Committee. This group, with the support and prestige of the Chamber, early funding from the College, and sound advice from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center led the community in a visioning year.

The year long visioning and consensus process proposed a main street footprint, created a vision statement, recruited people to serve on the four committees, and on October 11, 2001 held a final public meeting in the restored theater. Over 200 citizens, all three county commissioners, numerous Borough Council members, the President of Waynesburg College, the Minority Leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, members of the Chamber of Commerce, and senior members of the staff of DCED and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center attended the meeting.

After this planning year the Chamber Downtown Revitalization Committee was spun off to become a separate organization. Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful was incorporated September 20, 2001. Since that time, Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful has secured pledges adequate to meet the DCED match, filed a 501 (c) (3) application, hired a Main Street Manager, secured and furnished office space at the borough office and conducted significant market research, including a Market Assessment and a Parking Survey.

The mission of Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful represents community endeavors to preserve and revitalize our historic downtown business district as we educate the public about the conveniences of shopping and the opportunities associated with conducting businesses in Waynesburg Pennsylvania.


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